Welcome to Learning Code for Kids

Welcome to Learning Code for Kids

Welcome to Learning Code for Kids

I am building a comprehensive library of educational apps to use on various devices on and offline. Each app has a user review section so you can quickly choose, with confidence, an app that is best suited for you or your child. I focus on introductory programming games, applications and tutorials. I aim to find free or very low cost apps for as many different platforms as I can. Many programming languages are covered. 

Schools across the world are encouraging the use of Python  Many of the Apps use Python. I encourage all students to start with the Hour of Code  and as you progress move on to more complex enhanced programming methods and tutorials. Have fun while you learn and please comment on any apps you feel will help others in their quest for programming knowledge.

We like Turtle

We liked Move the Turtle my sits for ages and plays, Not sure how much he is learning to code, but he is definitely understanding the concepts and the language used for programming, Tracie & Joe 7


Please add more

Our school is encouraging all students to learn code and my son will be starting a new class in september. i have found many apps that say they teach coding or progrqmming for kids, There are so many to chose, He will be trying out many found here, Thank you for finding so many. XXX


Alice is great for older children and adults starting to learn code. I recommend if you really want to learn to programme you start with a text based course and progress from there. Many of the apps teach the logic of programming not the actual  language. Alice and similar  learning aids are the long term solution of you want a career in programming, Jeff (Surrey UK)

So Many

I didn’t know there was so many ways to learn programming!! I’m going to learn and show my mum how smart I am.

David,. Aged 9, Dorset

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