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Udemy is one of the worlds largest online education sites offering an  array of courses and tutorials.
The coding and programming courses cover java, python, php, ruby.
Great for the older student who want to jump straight into coding with extensive knowledge base and videos to help you achieve.


Learning code for kids App review



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I encourage you to download the Free app and give Udemy a try your will enjoy the various coding  and programming courses they offer, including 

Programming (java, python, php, ruby, and more)

Udemy Android app review

We know you’re busy. And that’s why every course on Udemy is available on demand, 24 / 7, so you can learn when and where you want.

With the Udemy app, you can squeeze in a few lectures on your commute. Or before bed. Or during lunch. Or just whenever you can find the time.


Udemy’s expert instructors have built thousands of courses including …

✔ Entrepreneurship
✔ Photography
✔ Yoga
✔ Marketing
✔ Salsa
✔ Cake Decorating
✔ Design

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Videos to view and watch over and over even when your offline

Udemy Android app review

When you download the Udemy App, you’ll join over 3,000,000 people who have already made the decision to accelerate their lives by taking a Udemy course.

Google Chrome cast android app review for udemy

Works with Google Chrome cast so you can watch your course videos in comfort from any TV.

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3D Tin : On-Line via your Browser

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Ideal for students wanting to learn Computer-aided design (CAD

Design models by placing cubes of different colours on top of each other.

Create shapes from standard templates

Have fun creating your images.

  • No installation required All you need is Google Chrome or Firefox with WebGL support. Type 3dtin.com in address bar and start designing. Any operating system.
  • FREE All functionality is available to everyone. For FREE. … as long as the sketch is shared under Creative Commons. Become premium member for private storage.
  • Simple interface Choose 3D shapes from a huge library of templates and add them to your sketch. All through an intuitive interface. If you still need help, check out the quick tutorial.
  • Accessible from anywhere All sketches are stored in cloud. You can access them from anywhere and share with unique URL.
  • Export to standard file formats All sketches can be exported in STL, OBJ, DAE file formats, which can be imported in other modeling tools.
Learning code for kids App review



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3DTin is a pioneer in browser based 3D Modeling. It started the development in bustling city of Mumbai, India, in March 2010. Later in the summer, 3DTin introduced the first 3D Modeling solution that ran in browser.

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Over a course of 3 years it amassed a user base of more than 100,000 users. The users have built one of the largest repository of Creative Commons 3D models using 3DTin.

3d Tin learning kids to code app review 6

The simple user interface of 3DTin has made it very accessible to 3D modelling beginners. This has helped many young students and enthusiasts who want to create 3D models for 3D printing. 3DTin is used in many schools for this purpose.

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This is a great App for new learners and wanting to learn CAD . lots of videos showing how to’s with guided instructions.

CAD is the use of computer systems to assist in the creation, modification, analysis, or optimization of a design.[

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  • learn to add geometries like cylinder, sphere, cones, to 3DTin models.
  • How to draw simple 3D geometries using cubes in 3DTin.
  • How to use grouping of geometries and build models faster
Google Chrome app store learning code for kids

Get the 3D Tin Google Chrome App 

3DTin is a 3D Modeler that runs in your browser. You can .. * design models by placing cubes of different colors on top of each other. * creat shapes from standard templates

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