Chromebooks vs Laptops – Which are better for Schools?

Education is a vast field which must be growing fleeting dates on the calendars. Chrome books are such extensions of technology which can assist the students in the expansion of their knowledge instead of stressing them out with the heavy prices of technological equipment.

There is a question which puts everyone into a bewildering situation that what is the difference between Chromebooks and laptops. But, there is nothing to worry about as you will read the answer in this article. Along with this, you also need to know the features of the best Chromebooks for Students and Schools on the market so that your kid can get the proper advantage using these.


How Can Chromebooks Benefit Schools & Students?

Anti-theft technology

The cloud technology equipped in the Chromebooks make these safer than the laptops. If you are residing away from your home in a hostel or dormitory, then you have a fear of losing your whole work and research that you have done so far. Because, you cannot trust every person there. So, you need to replace your laptop with Chromebook to secure your notes.



If you own a laptop, then you must be aware of the heavy toll that you need to put while carrying it. But, there is a relief for the students as the Chromebooks come in very low weight. Due to which, you will not face any problem in loading them on your shoulders.


Effortless replacements

With the extensive use of a laptop, you can end up destroying the keys of your keyboard or screen breaking. But, if you own a laptop, then you cannot think of replacing that with a new one being a student. On the other hand, Chromebooks are quite cheaper so that you can replace easily either to get technological advancement or due to damage.



What is the difference between Chromebooks and laptops?

Operating system

The operating system used in the Chromebooks make them different from laptops and beneficial for education freak students. A laptop uses Windows operating system whereas a Chromebook endows you with direct chrome browsing where search bar will be displayed on the cover of windows outlook. You can get the shortcuts to Google Docs, YouTube and Gmail directly on the front screen along with the graceful access to Wi-Fi.



The applications provided by the Chromebooks make these different from the laptops. You can use only the chrome application on a Chromebook where you cannot download any app instead of YouTube, Microsoft Office or any other which must be there for an educational purpose. So, there is no space for the mind-diverting apps in Chromebooks. You can only use the Chrome Web Store to fulfill your needs.


Display and Storage

The Chromebooks come with 1366*768 resolution which is very high quality. So, you can get a better display than even the budget laptops. Along with this, almost every Chromebook features 16 GB, 32 GB and a few with the storage capacity of 64 GB. On the other hand, entry-level laptops with 32 GB storage mostly, but the lower speeds.



When it comes to knowing that what is the difference between Chromebooks and laptops, we can consider the price of purchasing a Chromebook and a laptop as a major factor. Chromebooks begin at a very cheap rate even below than $200, and the highest price of buying the Chromebooks do not exceed $500. The prices of Chromebooks are quite identical to the entry-level Windows laptops.

Extrapolation of above is sufficient to define the importance and betterment of the Chromebooks over the laptops in the life of a student.



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