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Cato’s Hike is a game for the iPhone & iPad teaching  young children and beginners basic programming skills.Younger students will enjoy solving levels using simple coding techniques while older students will be able to use advanced concepts.

Learning to use loops and branching as well as even more advanced concepts such as basic stack or memory. The LITE version is more that enough encourage the young and beginners to start learning whilst encouraging them to progress further.

Cato is a little boy who just like every little boy likes to go out and play. One fine day Cato was playing outside when a portal to another world opened up in front of him; a portal to another world!

Cato stepped through and discovered that this world unlike his own didn’t follow the same rules. Every time he tried to take a step or an action he’d find himself stuck in place. Stuck that is until he finally discovered the rules in this universe: by writing a program for himself he would be able to overcome all obstacles and learn something new along the way!

learning Code for Kids” loves the “Lite” version. It is colourful and keeps the user engaged.

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Cato's Hike Lite A Programming and Logic Odyssey iPhone APP review 1

This is the Lite version, and includes the tutorial world and the *FULL* map editor with sandbox mode so you can create your own little worlds and puzzles.  Play them, challenge your friends and family.

Cato's Hike Lite A Programming and Logic Odyssey iPhone APP review 2

* Simple programming interface using beautiful cards with pictures
* 59 levels and 10 tutorials (always working to add more!)
* Powerful map editor so you can create your own maps and puzzles and share with friends
* Preview your maps directly in the map editor to save time and test out your maps more quickly!

Cato's Hike Lite A Programming and Logic Odyssey iPhone APP review 3

* Saves program progress so you can pick up at any time and iteratively develop
* Email your puzzle solutions to share your genius with others
* Beautiful artwork and amusing sound effects and music
* A manual to help guide parents and more interested users

Cato's Hike Lite A Programming and Logic Odyssey iPhone APP review 5

* Puzzles ranging from easy to hard to teach different programming concepts without trying to force them
* Loops, branches and if/else, and simple memory using colored flags are the main tools used to introduce programming
* Emailed maps include gorgeous screenshot of what you are sending so your friends know what to expect

Kato full version IOS app review, learning code for kids

The full version of the game unlocks the rest of the worlds and allows you to  share your programs and maps.

Cato's Hike (lite) app review

* Cato’s Hike teaches children (ages 5+) the essentials of programming and how to think about solving complex problems
* The challenges in there are solvable easily by children of all ages but more nuanced and complex solutions should challenge teenagers and parents alike!

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