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What is a Chromebook and How Does It Work Exactly?

Google’s Chromebook is named accordingly. The biggest difference between a Chromebook and other laptops and 2 in 1 devices that you might find on the market is the Chrome operating system featured within them. This operating system is specifically designed to feature an ‘always online’ browser-based approach rather than the typical onboard storage system you might be used to. The direct result comes with a new ‘game changer’ laptop that offers both a physical lightweight design but also a lightweight operating system that doesn’t require tons of processing power.

Chromebooks were initially intended to be a low price alternative to the conventional laptops we know, and you can find a host of full-function laptop models for under $200. However, as the popularity has increased and as they have become more functional over time, users have begun to embrace the lightweight and mobile design which has led to much more advanced and high powered models entering the marketplace led by Google’s very own Pixelbook which has led to even more manufacturers getting into the higher end of the Chromebook market.

In this piece, I will be reviewing my favourite Chromebooks available on the market today and ranking the top five so you can have an easier time finding a Chromebook that suits your taste and preferences.

#5 Advantages of Using Chromebooks in Education

Chromebooks run on the Chrome operating system which includes the chrome browser. As you may have guessed, They are ‘all things Google’ concerning software, though manufactured under the partnership of companies such as Acer and Samsung. These portable devices are particularly ultra-portable and web-based netbooks. These netbooks are part of Google’s move to venture into the lucrative mobile computing market alongside Android.

The Google-designed operating system is the core of the Chromebook, which is based on the Chromium OS. The Chromium OS was started in 2009 as an open-source project by Google, which later gave birth to the Chrome OS. The operating system is however based on a Linux based system with dedicated web applications. The netbook is only designed for simple chores such as surfing the internet. It, yet, doesn’t have the traditional desktop interface but instead comes with the chrome browser. All Chromebooks run on an SSD (Solid State Drive) which amplifies boot times significantly to under 10 seconds. Other netbooks take much longer to boot/start. This is not all, Chromebooks also come with a simple file manager, a media player, and Wi-Fi/3g connection among other handy features. Like other laptops, these devices come equipped with a full-size keyboard coupled with a 10-12 inch display. Chromebooks weigh around 3 pounds.

In addition to a full-sized display, Chromebooks are equipped with anything you would find in a regular laptop. This includes things like memory card readers, a touchpad, USB ports, HDMI and VGA connections, and a webcam. They can, therefore, be termed as mini-laptops but run on a different operating system. This is unlike slate-like devices like the iPad.

The main dominating feature and reason why you too should get a Google Chromebook is the fact that you get your content stored on Google controlled servers. This is unlike many laptops out there whose features can be identified without necessarily booting up the device. In other words, the cloud computing and storage feature makes these netbooks a lot different from others in its class. Online storage means your files are stored on remote third-party online services that can be accessed from anywhere.

With Chromebooks mainly designed for the web-based applications, it serves its purpose pretty well. It works much like web-based email accounts (e.g., Gmail) while providing convenient backup on and off the device. You therefore never have to worry about downloading sensitive data on the device. For this reason, Chromebooks are data confidential and more secure, one of the reasons you should consider getting one.


Outlined below are some key features found on all of these mobile Google devices:


1. Portability

Chromebooks are particularly lightweight and small thus highly portable. For this reason, most people today invest in them to take advantage of their portability. In addition to this, these devices have a long battery life capable of lasting 8 hours or even more with constant use. You can, therefore, tuck the netbook under your arms or backpack and take it anywhere you wish. This makes it the perfect companion for students and persons on the go.


2. Connect-ability

Like any other netbook, Chromebooks are designed/intended to help keep you connected to the internet/web at all times via 4G or Wi-Fi. It, therefore, enables you to stay connected to workmates, friends, and family around the clock.


3. Security

Chromebooks are designed to ensure optimal safety with built-in security layers including data encryption, verified booting, and sandboxing. In addition to this, all your data, photos, settings, and documents are stored safely online.


4. Usability

These devices have an easy to use interface and can be used even in the sun. Ease of use starts with the booting process to logging on, which everyone can do with ease. In addition to this, the fact that your files are stored online gives you peace of mind and freedom. Sharing content with workmates, other students, friends, and family is relatively easy as well. Some Chromebooks have ultra-sharp and bright displays which makes possible to use outdoors in the sun.


5. Reputation

Google have earned themselves a solid reputation over the years for providing superior services and products. Being a Google product, you can be assured of quality from the Chromebook. One of their best features is that they receive updates frequently, updates aimed to improve security and fine-tune any glitches the device or software may have. It is also worth noting that they have evolved significantly since the first one was released.



These are five solid reasons why you too should consider investing in one of the best Google Chromebooks for students, schools & education this year. If shopping for a lightweight laptop or netbook, then the these great mobile devices are worth considering. With millions of people satisfied with its performance, simplicity, and quality, chances are you won’t waste your money or time investing in one. Whatever your view of Google is, Chromebooks are the perfect solution and student companion for all.

I highly recommend the ASUS Chromebook C202SA C202SA-YS02 for students, educational institutions and schools.



Can You Use Microsoft Office on a Chromebook?
If you want to use Microsoft Office over a Chromebook, you must use Microsoft Office Online. This is a way to use Office with the Chrome browser over a Chromebook. Basically, you can use all of the features that include Office but it’s all incorporated into an online format. You could also alter a Chromebook to work Windows that you could then use Office with. But, this can be difficult to do so it’s not advised for folks to alter their Chromebooks with no knowledge of what they’re doing. It’s generally best to simply use your office Online software if you want to run this program in your Chromebook.
What are Chromebooks Useful For?
Chromebooks are low-powered, affordable computers that are designed to be employed for surfing the net, light document editing, email, and social websites. They can be devices that rely extensively on having a web connection. They can be useful for people who are looking to get online in as cheap an easy method as possible (being a small fraction of the fee for a regular laptop), plus they are versatile enough for most tasks. Chromebooks are not good for playing video games, however are useful being a device for a student that will not want the distractions of any more robust Windows or Mac OS machine.
Can You Run Windows on a Chromebook?
By default, Chromebooks ship with ChromeOS upon them. It is really an OS that relies heavily around the cloud and also on some online services. You may install some WebApps to accomplish a lot of day to day tasks and also play some basic games, nevertheless, you will lose out on lots of Windows-specific apps. It really is easy to install Windows on a Chromebook but it will require some technical knowledge to accomplish this, and in case things fail you will need to gain access to another computer to create a recovery USB stay with reinstate your Chromebook to working order. Only attempt to install Windows on a Chromebook in case you are a power user which has installed Windows on other machines previously.
What is the Best Chromebook for Schools in 2018?
Can You Use a Wireless Mouse With a Chromebook?
Should you be thinking about buying a Chromebook but are worried that you simply won’t have the ability to use a wireless mouse using the device, stop worrying. The vast majority of wireless Bluetooth mice and wireless radio transfer mice in the marketplace are 100% appropriate for Google Chromebooks. Within the last 7 years that I have spent working together with Chromebooks from a range of manufacturers, I’ve never found a wireless mouse which had been not immediately identified by the machine. Needless to say, in the event you thinking about buying a brand new mouse, it would be better to check it is compatible with Chrome OS before placing your order.
Do You Need Malware and Virus Protection for Chromebooks?
Do Chromebooks require antivirus software? No, and because you don’t need to worry about installing any antivirus software is amongst the biggest selling points of Google Chromebooks. Chrome OS is kept automatically updated as well as the os has virus and malware protection built in. Additionally, it really is impossible to get a virus on the Chromebook (until you use a different os) as the system does not permit you to run any executable files. All extensions are vetted by Google, which means you really don’t need to bother about malware or viruses while you are taking care of a Chromebook.
What is the Best Chromebook for Students in 2018?

My recommendation for the best Chromebook for Schools 2018, is the “ASUS Chromebook C202SA C202SA-YS02“.


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  1. Microsoft offers a completely free web-based version of Office called Office Online, complete with Word Online, Excel Online, and PowerPoint Online. Microsoft even makes these apps available in the Chrome Web Store.

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